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Boat Services

Put your mind at ease with your boat when you are a member of Bainbridge Marina.   We offer detailing and mechanic services to all of our members.  You’ll never have to worry about your vessel as long as you use our boat services.

Detailing Services

Don’t have time to wash your boat?  We specialize in two different detail services.   Our BASIC DETAIL service includes interior and exterior wash, vacuuming carpets and wiping down the seats and glass.  Our SUPER DETAIL includes cleaning out and wiping down all compartments, pressure washing the carpet and bottom of your boat.  It also includes scrubbing inside the boat including the seats, and cleaning all glass.   We buff and wax the boat making it look brand new.   The SUPER DETAIL features a boat safe chemical cleaning for the bottom that cleans and removes all organic growth.

Mechanic SErvices

Our mechanic can take care of any of your boat needs from a regular scheduled tune-up to complete engine overhauls.